Our members

‘RV’ is about 30 strong for most concerts, but not all members sing in every concert. Rehearsals are held weekly in the run up to each concert, with an afternoon rehearsal on the day of the performance. Most concerts, in Renaissance style, are followed by a light supper/buffet, which gives the audience and performers a chance to socialise.


From time to time, we will be running singing workshops, where people of all abilities will be able to come and sing with us. If you're considering joining, it would be a great opportunity to meet other members of the choir, and see if you enjoy the experience.

For more information about our next planned event, check out our workshop page.

Join Us

In common with all choirs, places become available in all sections, so if you would like to join please get in touch. Bass voices are especially welcome/needed at present.

Enquiries to: 01628 667496 (Gill Tucker) or enquiries@renaissancevoices.co.uk